Why we are called Butterfly

Butterfly is a symbol of transformation, which is a profound and drastic process of change. It’s a process when old perceptions and limitations are replaced by a new and bigger vision of opportunities and capabilities. We truly believe that building a solid and customised digital strategy can transform your business and accelerate its growth.

A butterfly in ancient Greek is “psycho” which also means “a soul”. And in many cultures, butterflies are associated with “souls”. It was another reason to pick our name: we bring a soul into everything we do by creating bright and customer-centric strategies and providing an excellent service to our clients.

Our CEO and Founder

I am Katya Zhumaeva, CEO and founder of Butterfly Media Group. My professional and life experiences are full of examples of transformations. I am Russian, and except my home country, I lived in the Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia(Bali) and now I live in Monaco- France. Digital marketing was not my first choice as a profession. For about 8 years I worked in fashion and media as an editor, PR and marketing specialist. And the transition into digital has happened later, around 5 years ago. I gained my knowledge from practicing digital marketing and developing brands in various fields, from personal development to innovative start-ups. I constantly develop my skills and learn the latest trends in digital marketing. And I believe that my approach differs in that I am focused on a goal, I value human connections and offer creative solutions

3 benefits of working with us

We deliver results

We have no secret strategy. Only consistent efforts, dedication and focus on the goal are our tools which help us to achieve  results

We use latest tools

We educate and develop our skills constantly. We keep up with the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing which we implement right away in our work

We listen

Yes, we do. And our approach is based on an active listening to identify a real problem or an obstacle our client faces. A final result is always a co-creation of our team and a team of our client.