Katya’s Note #1: on digital marketing strategy during uncertain times

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty that you can comfortably live with.”

Tony Robbins

How to adjust to the uncertainty of the crisis today if you are a small business or an entrepreneur?

The circumstances now are so unique that hardly anyone could be prepared for them. So my guess is that you face an unusual level of uncertainty and that you and your business have been shaken down. And the hard truth is that some may never recover

If you have any resources left, then the best thing to do now is to continue doing your marketing. You can cut budgets, or cancel your advertising. But disappearing from your customers’ feeds or emails or timelines completely can damage your brand in the long term. After this all is over, your customers will forget you, and it will be hard to get their attention again.

Now is the time, when you can adjust the strategy and connect. When you can tell the story of your brand or create content which helps your customers to have some positive emotions and feel you actually care about them, not only in good but also in bad times. Yes, probably your sales will not be high, but people will remember you. And when the crisis is over, you’ll be the first they’ll spend their money with.
If you have the capability, one tip for this time that I’m really passionate about when it comes to building brand is the idea of sitting around the “internet campfire” and telling your story.
Talk about why you got started, what you’ve done well, what you haven’t done well, what you’re excited about, how you feel right now, etc. Get your community / audience to know who you are – it will matter.” Gary Vaynerchuk

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