Social Media

Creating social media strategy, customised for your goals and needs, to target your ideal customers

Our approach

Telling the story of your company on social media is one of the most powerful tools to target and after sell to your ideal customers. We help you to create and manage your social media accounts, crafting the content for each of them. We are focused on building an omnichannel system by distributing the content on several accounts. Such an approach increases the chances to effectively grow the social media presence.





Creating accounts on social media of your choice

Creating content (visuals, videos, texts)

Distributing the content on your social media pages

Creating an advertising strategy

Content Marketing

Generating high-quality content, packed with value, that makes your business stand out

Our approach

Content, including texts, photos, videos, is the foundation of any digital strategy. Our main approach is based on a value which your company can communicate. We believe that the more value your content gives to your audience, the faster you will convert it to your loyal customers.

Creators’ Hub Bespoke services

Creators’ Hub offers professional photo shootings, video shootings, illustrations, animated content, audio content, curated for your brand.

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Creating texts, photos, videos

Creating a content plan

Publishing your content on your social media pages

Email marketing

Emails are one of the strongest channels of converting your readers into your customers.

Our approach

Email is your only asset in digital marketing. A strong email marketing strategy can help to collect the emails of your prospects. And through content in your emails that brings value, you can gain trust and turn prospects into customers. That’s why email marketing remains one of the strongest channels to sell your products and services


Installing an email marketing system

Creating a branded design of emails

Creating the email content and strategy

Creating sales funnels, products’ launch

Digital PR

Digital PR, including influencer marketing, has become one of the most effective ways to reach your customers.

Our approach

Digital PR that includes influencer marketing, collaboration with YouTube creators, participation in podcasts is one of the most powerful yet underappreciated marketing tools. The statistics demonstrate that around 40% of consumers bought something after seeing it on social media. We help your company to build effective relationships with influencers and creators in your industry or niche.


Carrying out research of influencers in your industry

Making the list of the most relevant influencers and reaching out to them

Creating the content strategy for chosen accounts

Community management

Community management is a powerful tool of organic growth on any social media platform.

Our approach

Now when algorithms on all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) rate your content depending on its performance- what type of engagement it creates- buying followers won’t help your brand. It actually can ruin it. So community management (interesting relevant comments, reactions to stories, DMs) has become a vital part of growing your audience.


Research for relevant accounts and hashtags

Engaging on those accounts (commenting, liking, DMing)

Replying to comments and DMs

Digital Advertising

Advertising on social media is one of the most effective yet underpriced tools to promote your brand

Our approach

We base our approach on advertising the value that your brand creates first, and then – on advertising what it sells. We create an advertising strategy that will significantly increase the awareness of your brand, attract new customers and help to be in the consideration set in the minds of your customers


Identifying target audience

Create contextual creatives

Managing the budget

Launching the campaigns

Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, TikTok ads

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